Day 71/100 Hack and Improvement

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Day 71 comes with a write up source related to github recon and a pretty good tool for URL tracking ;)

GitHub Recon

From Rajesh Ranjan. Here is the link of the article.

URL Tracking

From Sam (CoffeeJunkie). As a noobie, many ideas come to my mind wondering how the workflow at the time to hunt can be improved. Fortunately there is a supportive community and amazing tools that people make which makes everything more doable. In this case url-tracker help us out to do monitoring and check changes that has been happenning with websites that we’re testing. What url-tracker does is it check the content of the web application in different periods of time wheret is hourly, daily, weekly, monthly. Big shoutouts to Abdullah Hussam for his work.

nmap scan

That’s it for today, enjoy your day in the matrix.


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